That's a Wrap...Behind the Scenes of filming

Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, and the help of our sponsors, SHE, Wapa, Planet London and L Fest, filming for the web series took place as scheduled in June, July and August. 

Katie script checkingThe story (well the love story strand) came a good few years ago, and the script had been filed away as something that looked more like a 30-min sitcom pilot never-to-be-aired. Until, that is, I discovered the power and accessibility of the web series platform.

With some encouragement from Christin at Tello, my wife Naomi and my writing group (Denise and Lauren) I put finger to keyboard and set about creating 6 episodes from one long 30 minute story arc. But it felt like the series was missing something - a villian (everyone was just too nice!) and some depth in the form of a second hurdle for protagonist Theo and friends.

After attending a 2 day screenwriting workship through the London Screenwriting Festival, and some brainstorming with another supporter, Wollie of VolVentures, the second plot line came together and dovetailed right into the script as if it had always been there.

Trouble at the bar (Jill and Mel)

As this was my first major work in some time, and far beyond those student "masterpieces" I made back in my teens, I was open to a collaborative approach. Kat (Producer) and Stu (Director) helped me delve into the (almost identical parallel) universe of these characters and add some context. 

Dialogue and rehearsal workshops with the actors, once cast, honed the voices and lines to bring out the humour and authenticity further. Put this all together and you have something very close to what will be seen on screen from the 27 September.

She's in London cast

Eight days (over 2 months) on set flew by and were filled with fun, laughter, bonding and some damn great acting. And everyone's still friends

Despite early starts and heat under those lights, the atmosphere on set stayed in high spirits throughout and there was a highly collaborative process, drawing on everyone's strengths, different levels of experience and energy that we all brought to set.

Which is why we have managed to create something that not only tells an authentic LBQ story, it is also packed with pathos and humour. I can't wait for you to see it!