Meet the Planet M Team

Meet the Planet M team behind the webseries She's in London.

The team has a wealth of experience which they aim to use to help provide you with more relevant LBQ content.

Planet M Founder and Director

Katie Bennett-Hall, Creator/Writer 'She's in London'

Planet M Productions is a registered sole trader owned by Katie Bennett-Hall.

Katie's background is fostered as an original Co-Founder of Planet London (now Planet Nation), bringing together all members of the LBQ community to ensure a better social and arts scene for us all.  The development of Planet M came as an opportunity to collaborate with dynamic, creatives from the LBQ community and beyond to develop and make fantastic LBQ content.

Planet M Collaborators

Kat Holmes, KatLife Films; Producer 'She's in London'.

Kat Life Films was born from the realisation that making "films that matter" is, more than ever, an important artistic imperative.

Kat Holmes is the producer of the award winning film SUBMERGE - one of the first lesbian feature dramas to come out of Australia.

SUBMERGE follows Jordan, a 20-something high achiever who wants it all. Asking the question, "how do you find love in a world of instant gratification?” SUBMERGE explores the conflict that can arise from indulging one's desires in a modern, consumerist world of endless choice. 

SUBMERGE was released globally in March 2014 and is available to rent or buy on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Plus and at